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Rent a Grandpa

Frequently Asked Questions (from Grandpas)

What is Rent a Grandpa®?

Rent a Grandpa® is where you'll find thousands of unbiased reviews about handymen and service companies in your area. Our members share their experiences with each other so that you can choose the trusted service provider that's right for your job. Our Grandpas are not necessarily "grandpa age", but they are experienced at what they do and you can trust our Grandpas as if they are your own!

Why Rent a Grandpa®?

Rent a Grandpa® was created by the people who launched the successful, and who saw the need for a way to connect homeowners with a wide variety of contractors and service providers. Equally important was enabling clients the ability to obtain feedback on the quality of service received. We've all heard the horror tales about less-than-reliable work having been done at times by service providers for other people. Rent a Grandpa® seeks to level the playing field by the democratic use of technology.

How do I use Rent a Grandpa®?

It's simple! Whenever you need a plumber, roofer, carpenter, electrician, auto mechanic, landscaper or other service provider, search for them on, either by zip code or by category.

You'll receive ratings and reviews of local Grandpa professionals who've done work for other members in your area, plus important details about the type of work they've done, prices, professionalism and timeliness.

Once you make your choice, and the job is complete, share your feedback that will become part of their rating on Rent a Grandpa®.

Is there a membership fee?

Yes, consumers pay a membership fee to join Rent a Grandpa®. Membership fees help ensure reliable data, provide staff support and allows the continual updating and improvement of the site. In some cities, where we're still building our database of Grandpas, consumers can join for free; these are our "in development" markets. Once the Grandpa list has adequately grown and a membership fee has been determined, members have the option -- not obligation -- to renew at the regular membership price.

Monthly Payment Plan: Become a member for the lowest upfront cost, and even lower monthly payments thereafter. All monthly memberships come with the convenience of automatic renewal, and can be cancelled at any time. Monthly memberships require a one-time Account Activation Fee when joining. Members are not charged this fee again unless their subscription lapses for over 30 days.

Annual Payment Plans: Join at the lowest overall cost -- our most popular option! Members who choose an annual payment plan receive a significant discount on their subscription. Annual memberships require a one-time Account Activation Fee when joining. Members are not charged this fee again unless their subscription lapses for over 180 days. All annual memberships come with the convenience of automatic renewal, unless otherwise requested. Cancel any time. Best of all, annual memberships are backed by our money-back guarantee, so they're a risk-free way to join!

Does Rent a Grandpa® offer a trial membership?

When Rent a Grandpa® is new to a city we offer a free membership for the first few months we're in the area -- these are our "in development" memberships. Members who sign up during this time period help us build the list. After the list has grown, "in development" members have the option -- not obligation -- to renew their membership at the regular monthly or annual price.

What's included in a Rent a Grandpa® membership?

  • Access to our Grandpas at any time by signing in at
  • The Rent a Grandpa® blog, which contains articles, interviews and advice.
  • Exclusive Rent a Grandpa® member discounts from service professionals, as well as top online retailers.
  • Access to phine support, if you ever run into problems with a service company.

How do Grandpas receive feedback on their service?

A Grandpa is evaluated only after a member submits feedback about their experience. Grandpas can not pay to be put on the site, nor are they allowed to submit feedback on themselves.

Why should I use Rent a Grandpa® when I can just ask my neighbors for recommendations?

Often, you need a service provider quickly. If you have a pipe that burst, and your home is flooding, you need a reliable source fast. You may not have time to ask your neighbors their opinions. Rent a Grandpa® can give you unbiased experience of service providers -- something your neighbors can't.

What if I sign up and don't like it?

No problem! Memberships may be cancelled in one of the following ways:

  • Online: Via the contact page
  • Phone: (877) 226-3948
  • Mail: Rent a Grandpa®, 22030 Ventura Blvd. Ste. B, #207, Woodland Hills, CA. 91364

Please include your name, address and phone number in any written cancellation requests so that we can identify your account. Your cancellation request must be received no later than 5 pm on the day prior to any scheduled renewal payment date, which can be found on the my account page. Sorry, no refunds for monthly memberships.

Will Rent a Grandpa® edit the reports I post?

Rent a Grandpa® does not edit feedback posted by our members. We use proprietary technology and human review to make sure that all reports meet our guidelines before they're posted. If they don't, we'll go back to the member with questions and clarification before posting.

Does Rent a Grandpa® remove negative reports?

There are only two reasons we would take down any report:

  • We find out the report was fraudulently posted.
  • The member who posted the report chooses to remove it.

When a complaint has been successfully resolved, we think it's only fair that the amended reports carry a higher grade. It's our way of giving the Grandpa extra incentive to finish or fix the issue. If this occurs, the member is always able to repost the feedback with both the problem described and the update. If the problem isn't resolved, the original report remains untouched.

How do I get in touch with someone at Rent a Grandpa®?

We can be contacted by e-mail, phone or mail. See our contact information here.

What is the Privacy Policy?

We respect your privacy and take the responsibility of protecting the personal and business information that you share with us very seriously. View our complete Privacy Policy for more information.

What is Rent a Grandpa®'s online comment policy?

  • Rent a Grandpa® appreciates comments. The comments we receive on our blogs, feedback forums and general comments are just as important as the content we publish, and provide everyone with the opportunity to add their voice to the conversation at hand.
  • Rent a Grandpa® does not post anonymous comments. Our content is written to provide value to our community and consumers in general. We don't allow anonymous reports. E-mail addresses are never published.
  • Spam, sales pitches and irrelevant comments will be deleted. We want lively discussions about consumer issues and our Grandpa services. You don't have to be eloquent or even a good speller -- just interested in the discussion and willing to share.
  • Rent a Grandpa® reserves the right to disagree. Views expressed in the blogs or comments sections are not necessarily the views of the original author or the views of Rent a Grandpa®.

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